Generational Health Institute

Generational Health, Aging & HIV

          • Syncing Long Term Care + Community Mental Health, Resilience Models, & Harm Reduction
          • Supporting Health and Lifestyle Management through Occupational Therapy for Aging Adults Living with HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Impairments
          • Aging with HIV: Experiences of Stigma and Spirituality of Black MSM
Empowering Youth Leadership

          • Using Undergraduate Peer Health Educators to Implement a Culturally Appropriate HIV/STI and Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention on a College Campus
          • Who’s a Peer?: An Inter-generational Approach to Sexual Health Education
          • Community Health Workers Intervention

Expanding Sexual Health Across Generations (I1-GH3)

          • Hope & Help’s Strength Through Youth Livin’ Empowered (S.T.Y.L.E.)
          • Supporting Sexual Wellness in LGBT Older Adults
          • Youth Initiative Program and the Campus Approach: Comprehensive Sexual Health Education for Youth Across New York State
          • Sex, Drugs, and HIV/STIs: Utilizing TTM, PYD, and high-risk Black/Latino Teens to Reduce the Risk for HVI/STIs