Planning Committee

Apply to Participate on the SYNC 2020 Planning Committee

Would you like to help plan SYNChronicity 2020, the national conference for HIV, HCV, STI and LGBTQ health? Led by HealthHIV, HealthHCV, and the National Coalition for LGBTQ Health, SYNC 2020 offers a truly unique opportunity to build relationships with a diverse range of participants including medical providers, healthcare workers, state, local and federal government officials, faith and community-based organizations, and others addressing HIV, HCV, STI, and LGBTQ Health. The conference features distinct sessions designed to help participants “SYNC” systems, data, programs, models, interventions, and policies, addressing and creating targeted solutions in this dynamic healthcare environment.

Participation on the planning committee will involve minimal commitment, and will provide us with your insights and expertise so that SYNChronicity can continue to offer a dynamic and unique program full of informative and innovative content. We may not be able to accept all applications however your interest is greatly appreciated.

Benefits of Serving on the SYNC 2020 Planning Committee

SYNC 2020 Planning Committee Members will:

  • Receive a discounted registration fee to attend SYNC 2020.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert providing a voice that represents your area of focus while shaping the educational aspects of the conference. Ensuring that all relevant topic areas are adequately covered throughout the conference.
  • Participate on the planning committee and your organization also will be recognized as a SYNC 2020 partner organization, which includes:
  • A 50% advertising discount, lowering the cost of placing an ad in the SYNC Program to $250.
  • A 50% exhibitor discount, which lowers the cost of exhibiting for SYNC planning committee members to $250.

Responsibilities of SYNC 2020 Planning Committee Members

In exchange, SYNC 2020 planning committee participants are requested to:

  • Participate in no more than four one-hour conference calls.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert and review abstracts.
  • Promote SYNC 2020 through your organization and to your constituents by sending email announcements and posting information about SYNC 2020 in your newsletters and on your website.