Poster Presenters

Poster presentations are listed by the author’s last name.

Opt-out Screening for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) at Eau Claire Cooperative
Health Centers

Presented by: Adebajo Adelero, MD
Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers,
Columbia, SC

Opioid Crisis in Georgia: A Community Response

Presented by: Zina Age
Aniz Inc. Support Services Agency
Atlanta, GA

Depression, Substance Use, and Viral Suppression Among Youth with HIV 

Presented by: Allison Agwu 
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Presented by: Rishelle Anthony 
Health Resources and Services Administration
Rockville, MD


Housing experiences among the LGBT Population After the Impact of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico 

Presented by: Luis Arroyo-Andujar
University of Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Housing Disparities and HIV Outcomes in the (rest of title was omitted) 

Presented by: Latham Avery
Health Resources and Services Administration
Rockville, MD

Incentivizing Healthcare for Transgender and Non-Binary Patients

Presented by: Mikayla Avery 
Kind Clinic
Austin, TX

Presented by: Kabra Benford, LSMW

Hepatitis C in Chicago: Using A Community-Based Model to Link Post-Incarcerated Persons to Care

Presented by: Ariq Cabbler
American Liver Foundation
New York, NY


Patient-centered care: Improving Assessment and Management of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patients at an Urban FQHC 

Presented by: Megan Honor Caine
Whitman Walker Health
Washington, DC

My Life Through My Lens: Using a Digital Photography Platform to Impact Social Change Among Homeless Communities and People Living with HIV/ AIDS 

Presented by: Luis Carr
Project KengiKat
Los Angeles, CA

Two-Year Evaluation of an Online Outreach Strategy to Engage…in Brooklyn, NY

Pesented by: Anton Castellanos-Usigli
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
New York, NY

Using Data to Improve HIV Testing & Identify Health Disparities on Long Island 

Presented by: Jessica Clark
North Shore University Hospital Center for AIDS Research and Treatment
Manhasset, NY

Advanced Liver Disease in the Setting of Hepatitis C: A New Interdisciplinary and Inter-Service Initiative 

Presented by: Emily Comstock
United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Baltimore, MD


Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Incarcerated & Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Living with HIV in New York State to Ensure Viral Suppression 

Presented by: Rick Cook
New York State Department of Health
Albany, NY


Implementation of Rapid HIV Treatment in Ambulatory Care Settings – Real Work Experience: Providers in NY State 

Presented by: Matthew Crehan-Higgans
Evergreen Health
Buffalo, NY

Reaching Beyond the Clinic Linkage and Rapid Start at the Hospital Bedside 

Presented by: Alftan Dyson, PharmD, BCACP, AAHIVP
Montgomery AIDS Outreach
Montgomery, AL

PEP – Pushed Under the Rug? Some Protocols to Follow 

Presented by: Mario Forte
Cempa Community Care
Chattanooga, TN

Tackling the Healthcare Cost Conversation: Identifying Unmet Needs, Experience and Affordability Surrounding HIV Care 

Presented by: Kathleen Gallagher, MPH
Patient Advocate Foundation
Washington, DC


Targeting MSM, Minority Underserved Communities through Testing and Providing Effective Linkage to Care 

Presented by: Giselle Gallo-Rodriquez
Jackson Health System
Miami, FL

A Multidisciplinary Community Approach to HCV Testing and Linkage to Care 

Presented by: Candace Givens, LCSW-A, LCAS-A
Jackson Health System
Miami, FL

The Significance of The SOGI (‘SEXUAL ORIENTATION & GENDER IDENTITY’) Screening Questionnaire Form and the Benefits of its Implementation 

Presented by: Christine Gomez
Community Health Center
Middleton, CT

A Day with HIV: How Positively Aware Magazine combined Story-Telling and a Photo Contest into an All-Inclusive Social Medial Anti-Stigma Campaign 

Presented by: Rick Guasco
Chicago, IL

Mista Clean (Bathhouse Outreach) 

Presented by: Darne Guest 
St Louis City Dept. of Health
St Louis, MO


Achieving Higher HCV Seropositivity in High-Risk Communities 

Presented by: Tatiana Hayes
American Liver Foundation
New York, NY

Make Art Stop AIDS: Evaluation of Arts-Based Sexual and Reproductive Health Education for Youth in Malawi 

Presented by: Cassidy Howell
Global Health Corps/Art and Global Health Centre Africa
Zomba, Malawi

Addressing Viral Suppression among Minority Populations

Presented by: Jeremy Hyvarinen
Maricopa County
Phoenix, AZ

The Challenges in providing PrEP in a Primary Care Multi-Site FQHC 

Presented by: Douglas Janssen 
Community Health Center
Middletown, CT

How We Win Viral Suppression in Chronic and Acute HIV Infections Among People of Color 

Presented by: Debrisha Johnson
Bee Busy Wellness Center
Houston, TX

HCV Linkage to Care: Lessons Learned in Alabama 

Presented by: Anthony Lee 
The University of Alabama School of Medicine at UAB
Birmingham, AL


Providing Consumer-Based Solutions to Ending the Epidemic and Reducing HIV Disparities…. Experience to End the Epidemic 

Presented by: Jennifer Lee
NY State Department of Health
New York, NY

Hepatitis C Infection Among People Receiving HIV Medical Care in Mississippi, 2013-2014

Presented by: Riley Lee, MPH
Mississippi State Department of Health
Jackson, MS

Challenges Accessing PrEP for HIV Prevention in England 

Presented by: Kimberly Levitt
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science
Boston, MA

Implementing System Wide Policy Changes to Address Comprehensive Patient Care in an Evolving Health Care Environment 

Presented by: Cordelia Lyon
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
Beaumont, TX

The Circle Model Cascade 

Presented by: Ronnie Marks 
The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc.
New York, NY


Bridging the Gap in Sexual Health: The Implementation of Laboratory Based STD Testing in a Community Based Organization through the Bridges 757 Collaborative 

Presented by: Felencia McGee, DHA, CHES, CMC 
Virginia State Department of Health
Richmond, Virginia

Presented by: John Meade 

A Summative Evaluation of the Open Arms Health Care Center’s Integrated HIV Care Services Model

Presented by:  Dr. Sandra Melvin
Open Arms Healthcare Center
Jackson, MS

Pleasure as Prevention: Kink and BDSM as HIV Prevention 

Presented by: Candace Moore M.S.
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, TX

Emerging Trend in Ontario, Canada: Psychosocial and Clinical-Care Challenges Experienced by Men Who Have Sex with Men International Students Living with HIV in Greater Toronto Area 

Presented by: Seungwon Nam
University of Toronto
Ontario, Canada

Beyond the Birth Cohort 

Presented by: Andrea Oliver 
Complete Care Health Network
Bridgeton, NJ

Restructuring Targeted Testing Based on Predictive Models and Large Scale HIV Screening 

Presented by: Joseph Olsen
New Orleans, LA

Adapting and Tailoring Seeking Safety for LGBT Communities: What Works? 

Presented. by: Queen Victoria Ortega
St. John’s Well Child and Family Center
Los Angeles, CA

System Dynamics of a Large Emergency Department: Reviewing Missed Testing Opportunities in the Routine HIV Testing Program 

Presented by: Neha Patil
Einstein Immunodeficiency Center
Philadelphia, PA

A FOCUS on Virginia: Implementing A Statewide FOCUS Program Utilizing Regional Partnerships 

Presented by: Brenna Pevato 
Virginia  Department of Health
Richmond, VA


Jeopardy: A HCV Trivia Game for HIV and STD Health Educators and Counselors 

Presented by: Andrew Reynolds
Project Inform
San Francisco, CA


Low Uptake of PrEP in Repeat nPEP Users 

Presented by: Grant Roth, B.S.
Mount Sinai Hospital Institute for Advanced Medicine
New York, NY

Increasing Access to PrEP and Hepatitis C treatment in a Health Department Setting 

Presented by:  Dr. Brittany Sanders 
Jefferson County Health Department
Kearneysville, WV


Implementation and Evaluation of a Locator Protocol to Prevent Participant Loss to Follow-Up in an Urban Hospital-to-Community Transitional Care Program 

Presented by: Katherine Scott
University School of Maryland
Baltimore, MD


Syphilis and Gonorrhea Screening among US-bound Immigrants and Refugees, 2018 

Presented by: Image Sidibe
International Association of Providers of AIDS Care
Washington, DC

Creating a Regional Community of Learning for 90-90-90 Success: Experience from US Fast Track Cities

Presented by: Ravisahnkar Sindhu
International Association of Providers of AIDS Care
Washington, DC

Rapid Linkage to Care Leads to Faster Undetectable Viral Loads in HIV+ Youth 

Presented by: Clint Steib, MPH
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
Philadelphia, PA


A 28 Year History of HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Transmission in Washington, DC 

Presented by: Margaret Steiner
The George Washington University
Washington, DC


Removing Barriers and Finding Solutions for Non-Adherent HIV Positive patients: Integrating Care Management to Achieve Viral Load Suppression 

Presented by: Shannon Stephenson, CPA, MBA
Cempa Community Care
Chattanooga, TN

HIV/AIDS in Vulnerable Populations: The Conscientious Clinician 

Presented by: Shirley Torho, MPH
National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS Inc.
New York, NY


Presented by: Minh Tran
Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health
New Brunswick, NJ




The Strongest Link: Does Point of Entry Into Care Affect Linkage to Care Outcomes? 

Presented by: Tranekia Turner-Wentt, DSW, LCSW
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, TX

She Speaks: Intersection of HIV-STD/IPV 

Presented by: Karen Washington 
St Louis City Dept. of Health
St. Louis, MO




Divorceafter50.Com: An HIV/STD Prevention Randomized Controlled Trial for Divorced or Separated Older Women 

Presented by: Patricia Weitzman
Environment Health Group
Cambridge, MA

Quantifying Health Equity Work for Gay, Bisexual and Other MSM…Survey Response 

Presented by: Andrew Zapfel, MPH 
National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors
Washington, DC

More than Tested, Cured 

Presented by: Mojgan Zare, MD, MPH
Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition
Atlanta, GA