Transgender Health Institute

Institute Summary:
The Transgender Health Institute features six presentations addressing the value of stakeholder engagement, the importance of a sexual and gender minority culturally aware staff, in addition to providing a discrimination/stigma-free environment to holistically and intersectionally engage transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people in services. Presentations will cover the health needs of TGNC youth and adults, the importance of pelvic health education, how to reach hard-to-test communities in the Ball/House scene, strategies for engaging transitional age youth (TAY) in services, as well as exploring the intersections of identities with trans men of color, particularly Black trans men and Black transmasculine individuals.

Learning Objectives:

      • Identify non-traditional ways to communicate health information to at-risk populations.
      • Describe how telehealth programs can be culturally tailored to the populations they serve.
      • Describe how mHealth interventions can be adapted to address language and HIV support barriers


      • Tucker Barker, CrescentCare
      • Christopher Daunis, CrescentCare
      • Diana Finkel, NJMS
      • Derek Baugh, Ubuntu Incorporated
      • Naomi Ardjomand-Kermani, A Different Kind of Different
      • Patrick Wenning, Restore Motion

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